Ride Kink 2011

April 28, 2011

Boston – The Ride Kink 2011 snowboard is one of Ride’s top all mountain freestyle snowboards.    Year in and out this is not only one of Ride Snowboards top sellers, but it is also one of the favorite boards for their team riders.

What’s new with the Ride Kink 2011?
The Ride Kink 2011 is all about the new rocker shape technology call ProRize™, giving this board even more stability and pop for the park or just free riding.  The rocker shape was a feature that per Ride the team riders where demanding on one of their boards, so they added it to the Ride Kink & DH.   When you hear companies talk about a rocker shape most have a very similar approach and here is the exact way that Ride explains it “this new shape has a long, stable flat zone for landing stability and pop. Built for going big and locking in landings without the fear of rocker washout.”  So those boarders who like to hit the park or just off anything, the ProRize is really going to help you with those landing and give you more confidence to go bigger.

What else will riders like with the 2011 Ride Kink?
The Kink brings back some of its top technology like the Cleve Edge, Thin Con Construction, 85a Slimewalls and then the super fast Fusion 1500 Base.    The Cleve Edge is usually one of the features that riders like best as it is the type of edge that really bits and reduces the chatter than you will see with other boards when you are holding an edge at good speeds.

Overall take of the 2011 Ride Kink:
This is the snowboard for riders who love the park or just love to go big.  Even though it is a great all mountain board, this board is made to help riders who bigger and feel better with their jumps… when you have less worries about holding those landings your confidence is going to grow.

Check out the Ride Kink 2011 at:
The-House from $297.75
ProboardShop from $297.95


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