Academy Recruit

May 29, 2008

The Academy Recruit Snowboard is a twin tip board designed for the FreeStyle riders. This snowboard is a jibbing machine and perfect for the intermediate and advanced riders.
Academy Recruit Snoowboard
The Academy Recruit is constructed with the park, rails and jibbing in-mind using a Super Cap Twin construction. The Super Cap-Construction is going to make the board snappy for the ollies and allows you to press this board hard without worrying of snapping it. The Flex and durability of this snowboard comes from the core which is constructed using a full tip to tail Canadian Aspen wood core. The base of this board features a Sintered 2000 which will give you great speed while being extremely durable.

Overall this is board performs best in the park and street and the value you get in this board is worth giving it a shot. Academy refers to this snowboard as “Very Durable And Can Take A Beating Without Breaking Your Bank”.

Features of the Academy Recruit Snowboard:

  • 360 Super Cap-Constructed Twin
  • Lightweight Canadian Aspen Wood Core
  • Full Tip To Tail Wood Core Is Wrapped In A Tri-Axial Stitch Fiberglass
  • Medium Flex Pattern
  • Isocap 5000 Topsheet
  • Sintered 2000 Base

Academy Collective Snowboard

May 17, 2008

The Academy Collective Snowboard is created for the intermediate and advanced freestylers who like to ride the park, jumps and rails. This is a durable and lightweight board that you can press really hard and it will not snap. So for those of you like to jib hard, this is your board.

Academy Collective Snowboard

The Collective is a Twin tip FreeStyle board with a core made of a lightweight Canadian aspen wood. The tip to tail aspen wood core provides strength, durability and consistent flex. The base of this board is Sintered 2000, providing amazing speed and durability.

Academy has the following Terrain ratings for this board:
Mountain: 8, Park: 10, Street: 9, Pipe: 7

Features of The Academy Collective Snowboard:

  • Twin Geometry
  • Tip to tail wood core
  • Stainless 10MM inserts
  • Sintered 2000 UHMW
  • Isocap 5000 Topsheet

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