K2 Snowboard

Bill Kirschener first started in the snow sport industry with K2 Sporting enterprise in 1961.   Then in 1988 he officially started K2 Snowboards realizing that snowboarding was a sport that was going to take off.   Here was team that made some of best skis on the market and was going to take some of that same technology and compete with this new company based in Vermont that was all about snowboarding call Burton Snowboards.   By 1993 K2 Snowboard was one of the first companies pushing the limits to create a snowboard that was all about freestyle riding .

K2 Snowboards quickly became one of the largest snowboard manufacturers in North America. But also K2 Snowboards was also a great advocate for helping to the grow the sport and not all about just focusing on themselves.   To help push the sport of snowboarding even more K2 Snowboards came out with the first board specifically designed for women called the K2 Luna, which to date is still one of the most sold snowboards in the world.

In 2003 K2 became K2 Sports, with these move that made an even bigger impact in the snowboarding world by purchasing other snowboard brands.   Now not only was there several sporting brands that include Ride Snowboards, Morrow Snowboards, Tubbs Snowshoes, and Line Skis.  K2 Snowboards also sells its products of snowboards,  K2 snowboard boots, and K2 snowboard bindings.

K2 Snowboards are always coming out with their new snowboards each and every season trying to constantly progress the sport of snowboarding.  K2 is all about trying to make the boards better, faster, and more fun for riders. The “clicker” binding system being one of the technologies K2 puts on their snowboards. But not only do they put this on the board to help easily click your boots to the binding, K2 was the first to discover and use this idea.

K2 Snowboards are also sponsored by some of the top-notch snowboarders in the world including Wille Yli-Luoma, Gretchen Bleiler, Shaun McKay, Leanne Pelosi, Eero Niemela, Jordan Mendenhall, and Danny Larsen.

K2 Snowboards

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