Burton Snowboard

Jake Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards in 1977. Burton first made his snowboards by hand in his garage using polyurethane due to the lack of technology. In 1978 Burton moved to Manchester Vermont where workers sold and repaired his boards. Now Burton Snowboards are the most known and best for riders across the world. Burton also has his own line for other snowboard needs like boots, bindings, boards and accessories. Burton Snowboards is also the most popular manufacturer of snowboards worldwide.

Burton was already selling his snowboards worldwide by 1992. Burton now has products of his being sold in over 4,300 stores, over 1,500 of them being in the United States. Burtons line is also split into three different types of riding being free ride, freestyle, and freestyle disciplines like the half pipe. Burton’s products are made for men, women, and the youth. His brands have also expanded to places like Alien Workshop, Anon Optics, Analog, Gravis and RED.

Burton Snowboards are sponsored by some of the best professional snowboarders. Some snowboarders being US gold medalist Shaun White, Jeremy Jones, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Mason Aguirre and others. Burton snowboards also come out with new technology for every season. Some of this technology makes the board faster, lighter and more stable. Burton snowboards come out with new bindings to help the rider get more control of their board while they ride and get a better feel for the board. The Burton Custom is one of the many boards with new technology. The newest version came with new 10:45 sidewalls and a channel to help riders.

Burton Snowboard Models:

  • Burton Clash
  • Burton Custom
  • Burton Custom X
  • Burton Blunt
  • Burton Love
  • Burton Bullet
  • Burton Dominant
  • Burton Vapor
  • Burton Fish
  • Burton Supermodel
  • Burton Twin
  • Burton Custom ICS
  • Burton Jeremy
  • Burton T6
  • Burton Cruzer
  • Burton Idiom
  • Burton Operator
  • Burton Deuce
  • Burton Fix
  • Burton Joystick
  • Burton Malolo
  • Burton Mayhem
  • Burton White Collection
  • Burton Jussi
  • Burton Farm
  • Burton X8
  • Burton Indie
  • Burton Un Inc
  • Burton Warhol
  • Burton Easy Livin
  • Burton Hate
  • Burton S Series
  • Burton Guru
  • Burton The Hero
  • Burton Econico
  • Burton Tadashi
  • Burton Con-Dom
  • Burton Seven
  • Burton Method

2009 Burton Snowboards


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