K2 Believer 2011

January 31, 2011

By Scott Briggs:

Boston – The 2011 K2 Believer snowboard is turning out to be one of the best snowboards from the K2 lineup and it has only been around for 3 years.  For the riders who want to rip up the park all day long, then you need to give this board a shot as it combines the right mix of flex to make it a park machine.  But don’t let make you think this is just a park board, this snowboard has a ton of versatility and is great for the whole mouton.

What’s new with the 2011 K2 Believer?
The 2011 K2 Believer adds two new key features for 2011, the New Flatline profile and Hybritaper.  The FLATLINE technology is made to give you stability and versatility while delivering a ton of pop.  The Hybritaper Construction basically tapers out the core of the board at tip and tail and then blends it into the sidewalls for reduced swing weight for easier transitions.

What do I like about the K2 Believer:
The Flatline construction and the Hybritaper are great additions that anyone will love, but the first thing I need in a board is the twin tip shape.  The K2 Believer has a true twin tip shape and that coupled with the flatline construction give you a board that feels real sturdy and you will feel really comfortable making turning.  Overall I want a light board that transitions nicely from edge to edge and can handle riding both directions and the K2 Believer has all this and then some.

Features of the K2 Brigade Snowboard:
•    CONSTRUCTION: Hybritaper™
•    SHAPE: Twin Tip, Hyper Progressive
•    STANCE: Centered
•    CORE: WH3™
•    GLASS: Triax Top / ICG 10 Base
•    TORSION FORKS: Carbon Matrix I
•    BASE: 4000 Sintered
•    BASE BEVEL: 1°
•    BASELINE: Flatline™
•    Length (cm): 154
•    Effective Edge (cm): 119.3
•    Tip/Tail Width (cm): 29.2
•    Waist Width (cm): 24.9
•    Sidecut (m): 8

Check out the K2 Believer 2011 at:

The-House from $449.95
Proboardshop from $449.95

K2 Jibpan 2010

February 11, 2010

By Scott Briggs

The 2010 K2 Jibpan snowboard was created because they wanted to create a board that would just crush the park.   k2 says this is the ultimate park snowboard for the rider who has been hitting the WWW hard and wants to take the next step in the park.

The K2 Jibpan is a twin tip, high performance, jibbing machine that K2 loves to take to the next level.   One of the big differences you are going to see in the 2010 Jibpan from the 2009 is the addition of the K2 Jib Rocker.  Per K2 Snowboards the jib rocker is “JIB ROCKER allows for a loose, buttery feel while jibbing around the park or slaughtering the streets. Whether you’re pressing boxes or just playing around on the flats, JIB ROCKER has a forgiving no-catch feel that allows you to pull off even the most wild combinations. The flat mid-section allows you to lock into rails like you were on a skateboard.”.

Another feature of the K2 Jibpan that the riders are going to love is the use of Harshmellow.  Harshmellow is a thin layer of polymer added to the board to reduce that annoying vibration that comes when riding at fast speeds.

Overall park riders are going to love this board and have a ton of fun with it, myself I am more of an all mountain rider so this is not the best board for me.

Features of The K2 Jibpan Snowboard:

  • Harshmellow
  • Jib Tech Tip Tech
  • Twin Tip Hyper Progressive Shape
  • Wh4 Core
  • Triax Top, ICG 20 Base Glass
  • Carbon Matrix ll Torsion Fork
  • Sintered 4000 Base
  • New Jib Rocker Baseline

Check this Board out:

Proboardshop from $499.99

The-House from $499.99

K2 Brigade – 2010

November 2, 2009

K2 has developed a reputation for developing consistent, quality snowboards year in and year out. The 2010 K2 Brigade continues that tradition.

The Brigade features K2’s catch free technology, which reduces those nasty edge catches by adding some rocker in the tip and tail, and reducing the camber. The catch free ride makes the Brigade a great board for a wide range of skill levels.

The Brigade also comes equipped with a W1 pure wood core and Hybritech construction which allows for consistent turns. Best of all, K2 has kept the price point on this board fairly low considering its on-mountain performance.

Additional features of the K2 Brigade include the follow:

  1. Set Back Twin Dual Progressive Shape
  2. 1″ Back Stance
  3. Biax Top and Base Glass
  4. Extruded 2000 Base
  5. Base Bevel: 3 Degree

Where to Buy:



K2 Anagram 2010

September 14, 2009

by Matt P.

The 2010 K2 Anagram is designed to take your snowboarding skills to the next level. This is a great board for perfecting your skills on the mountain. This board is also a great value.

K2 Anagram 2010

The K2 Anagram is rich with features, including a lightweight W1 core, a hybritech tip and a centered stance. The Anagram has a reduced swing weight, allowing for more swing and spin on the mountain. This is the perfect board for trying out new tricks and perfecting your old ones.

Key Features of The Anagram Snowboard 152cm:

  • W1 Core
  • Biax Top/Bias Base Glass
  • Hybritech Shape
  • Twin Tip Dual Progressive Shape
  • Centered Stance

Buy this board

From $239.95 at ProBoardShop

From $239.95 at The-House

K2 Believer – 2010

September 14, 2009

Snowboardreviews.com is a ‘Believer’ in the 2010 K2 Believer.  Voted the best overall snowboard by Transworld Snowboarding, the K2 Believer is a true player among the greatest boards of all time. Designed for expert all-mountain snowboarding, the K2 Believer comes equipped with many advanced features, including smooth riding Flatline Technology..

Built to perform at high speeds, the Sintered 4000 base maximizes speed, while the Hyper Progressive sidecuts allows for easy consistent turns. Lighter than it looks, the K2 Believer sail performs well in the air, and even better on the landings.  The bottom of the board features classic K2 logo artwork, which is perfect for this instant classic snowboard!

Addition features include the following:

  • Hybritaper Tip
  • Twin Tip progressive board shape
  • WH3 Core
  • Carbon Matrix Torsion Fork
  • Sintered 4000 Base – 1 degree bevel
  • Flatline Technology

Where to Buy:



K2 WWW Rocker 2010

September 6, 2009

By: Scott Briggs

Boston – The K2 WWW Rocker 2010 Snowboard is one of the top Freestyle park boards on the market.  The K2 team says this WWW Rocker board is rider approved across the globe and it will take your jibs to the next level.  This snowboard is a made with a wood core that you are going to notice is smooth, durable and has some nice snap while you also making your ride down the mountain catch-free and very forgiving.

The K2 WWW Rocker has added the JIB Rocker technology to the board for 2010. The JIB Rocker construction is going to give you the perfect balance of rocker on your tip and tail to make pressing boxes and rails that much easier.  The WWW Rocker also has the 2000 Extruded bases, this base is a snowboarders dream as not only is it easy to maintain and repair but it is super fast.

Features of The K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard:

  • Jib Tech Tech
  • Twin Tip Dual Progressive Shape
  • Centered Stance
  • W1 Core
  • Biax Top/Bias Base Glass
  • Extruded 2000 Base
  • Base Bevel: 1 degree
  • Jib Rocker Baseline

Buy the board:
Proboardshop from $379.99
The-House from $379.99

K2 Jibpan 2009

February 16, 2009

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2009 K2 Jibpan is an all mountain jibbing snowboard made to rip up the whole mountain.  This is the board for the rider who loves to treat the whole mountain like a park…. instead of a rail you will try to grind a fallen tree.

The K2 Jibpan is designed after the K2 WWW which is the brands top Jibbing snowboard.  This K2 snowboard seems to have a good amount of pop will still having a forgiving flex and a solid feel throughout the board.  When ripping down the hill on this board you are not going to feel that normal vibration chatter that you may be used to, making this board feel comfortable and in control at all speeds.

Overall the K2 Jibpan is a fun All Mountain snowboard that you are going to enjoy tearing up the whole mountain.  K2 has done a solid job in making a smaller board have the stabilty and control of it longer brothers.

Features of The K2 Jibpan Snowboard:

  • NEW Jib Tip
  • NEW Twin Tip Hyper Progressive
  • WH4 Core
  • NEW ICG 20 top/Triax Base
  • Torsion Fork – Carbon Matrix II
  • 4000 Sintered Base

Buy the K2 Jibpan:

ProBoardShop from $379.95

The-House from $379.95

Evogear from $324.90

K2 Darkstar 2009

November 22, 2008

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2009 K2 Darkstar is an incredible all mountain freestyle board, and a great value.  The K2 Darkstar is as comfortable ride in the park as in the trees, and tears up the pipe with ease.

The 2009 K2 Darkstar

The 2009 K2 Darkstar

The K2 Darkstar features a twin tip, hyper progressive shape and a W2 Core which allows the board to maintain a high level of control and stability at high speeds. This year’s Darkstar features K2’s unique Hybritaper tip and tail which helps reduce swing weight.   The 2007 Darkstar won numerous awards, and we have a feeling that the 2009 Darkstar will follow suit.

Overall this snowboard is designed for those that like to make the whole mountain into a park.  This board can rip up the mountain from top to bottom.

Features of The 2009 K2 Darkstar:

  • Hybritaper Tip and Tail
  • Twin Tip Hyper Progressive Shape
  • Centered Stance
  • W2 Core
  • Biax Top/Boa Base
  • Carbon Matrix I Torsion Forks
  • 4000 Sintered Base
  • 1 Degree Base Bevel

K2 Darkstar Price: $399.95

2009 K2 Anagram

September 26, 2008

By: Scott Briggs

The 2009 K2 Anagram snowboard is a FreeStyle twin tip board that is perfect for the rider that like to do it all. The big draw to this board is the price, but the value you will get for board far surpasses the price.  Even though this snowboard is extremely reasonable in price you are going to notice that K2 did not cut any corners with technology and performance.  The Anagram is a board that is not going to hold you back from being a better rider, whether it is learning the basics or pulling off new tricks.
The 2009 K2 Anagram
The 2009 Anagram is designed with the Hybritech Construction of capping the tip and tail to produce low swing weight for spinning while also making turn initiations easier and smoother.  The board also features the W1 core, this core is a single piece of pure wood that has a proven flex, durability, and snap to provide you a board that is light, responsive and can take a beating.

The K2 technology of using the Dual Progressive sidecut is truly designed to appeal to alll level riders.  This sidecut makes the board forgiving which allows for a consistent ride in all conditions.  When you have a sidecut like this board new Riders are going to be less nervous learning that front side turn for the first time as the board is going to be more forgiving than that average board.  For the intermediate riders you are going to see that you progression as a rider is going to develop faster when you have a board that is mistake friendly as you will not be taking a many hard hits as you try to learn more.

Features of The K2 Anagram Snowboard:

  • Hybritech Tip Tech
  • Twin Tip Dual Progressive
  • Centered Stance
  • W1 Core
  • Biax Top & Base
  • 2000 Extruded Base

2009 K2 Anagram for $299.95

K2 Darkstar

July 28, 2008

By: Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2008 K2 Darkstar is a true FreeStyle snowboard that provides you tons of versatility. This is the board for the rider who likes to pretend the whole mountain is one bog park. You will notice that this boards transitions well whether ripping up the park, jumping any natural hit or cruising the trees.

K2 Darkstar

The Darkstar use the twin tip shape design to give it the true FreeStyle makeup and also includes a medium flex for versatility. This board uses the Hybritaper construction which tapers out the core at the tip and tail to reduce swing weight making your landings easier. The Darkstar then is designed with Hyper progressive sidecut and centered stance offer providing a fast response and control. The board is then capped with K2’s fastest natural base the Sintered 4000.

Features of The Darkstar Snowboard:

  • Tip Tech – Hybritaper
  • Shape – Twin Tip Hyper Progressive
  • Stance – Centered
  • Core – W2
  • Glass – Biax Top/Boa Base
  • Torsion Forks – Carbon Matrix I
  • 4000 Sintered Base
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