Types of Boards:

FreeRide – These snowboards are designed for cruising and carving up the whole mountain. If you are the type of rider that loves to go really fast and carve it up, this is your board. You can take this on the slopes or the backcountry without any issues. Typically this board is a little longer.

FreeStyle – You like to cruise the mountain, do all types of tricks and love airtime. You are not the rider who just wants to sit in the park or pipe all day. This board can be used in the park and will not cause you any issues.

Park – You love the Park or spend all day on the Pipe, these snowboards are designed for you. This board is similar to your FreeStyle but may have little technical difference in weight and flex.

Snowboard Companies:

Burton Snowboards

  • Burton is the pioneer of snowboards, located in Burlington, VT.
  • 3 Styles of Boards – FreeRide, All Mountain FreeStyle and Park.
  • Prices Range from $299 to $999

K2 Snowboards

  • K2 was one of the original big Ski companies. They have been a player in snowboards for years and are constantly making technology enhancements to their boards for the better ride.
  • K2 breaks their boards out into 3 categories: A.TL.A.S., Progression and Women’s.
    • A.TL.A.S – This line is a mix of FreeRide and FreeStyle Boards.
    • Progression -This line is made almost exclusively for the park.
    • Women’s – This is women’s line and the major differences from the other categories are Graphics and a smaller Sidecut Radius.
  • Prices Range from $289 to $549


  • Founded in Redmond, WA with the mission to create a snowboard company “for the people”.
  • Ride has 3 Series of Snowboards: Mobility Collection, ATV Collection and Foundation Collection.
    • Mobility Collection – The high end collection designed for the FreeStyle and Park.
    • ATV Collection – This line is desgined for the FreeRide or all mountain boarder.
    • Foundation Collection – The entry line for the new snowboarder. Great quality at a good price.
  • Prices range from $299 to $499


  • Based in Irvine, CA and has been making snowboards for over 10 years.
  • Forum does not break their snowboards out into Categories or Series like some of the others, they simply have it broken out by Mens, Womens and Youth.
    • Mens – The mens line consists of 18 boards that cover the 3 major styles; FreeStyle, FreeRide and Park.
    • Womens – The womens line consists of 5 boards coving FreeStyle, FreeRide and Park.
    • Youth – Boards designed for the little riders before they can launch into the Mens or Womens line.
  • Prices range from $299 to $549


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