Ride Crush 2010

September 5, 2009

by Matt P.

The 2010 Ride Crush is loaded with goodies. Considering the generous offering of features and the easy ride the Crush offers, this board is an outstanding value that will keep your runs fresh for years to come.

The Crush features Ride’s new LowRize Rocker. Combine the Rocker with 85A Slimewalls and  you’ll be working the mountain with ease. This lightweight board also features Membrain and Cleave Edge.

Key Features of the Ride Crush Snowboard:

  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls®
  • Membrain®
  • NEW! LowRize Rocker
  • Foundation Tuned Core™
  • Cleave Edge™
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Fusion 1500 Base™

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From $299.95 at ProBoardShop

From $299.95 at The-House

Rome Agent 2009

September 18, 2008

By: Scott Briggs

The Rome Agent is a FreeStyle snowboard that designed for those to have fun while cruising the whole mountain. The 2009 Agent is the type of board where you can be cruising through knee deep powered one minutes to hitting the park the next and you will not see a different in response or control.

2009 Rome Agent SnowboardThe 2009 Agent is consider an almost twin snowboard and is constructed with some of Rome’s top technology very similar to the 2008 Agent.  The new feature for 2009 is the enhanced use of LDC technology to reduce weight in the board by strategically placing low density wood through the snowboard.  The Agent continues to use Superpop Core Matrix to keep that smooth flex while maintaining it lightness and the Straight Triax 230 Carbon laminate makes the board responsive in all conditions.  To maintain control and speed the Agent uses the Impact Plates and Edges, while capping the board with the SinteredSpeed base.

Features of The Rome Agent Snowboard:

  • Superpop Core Matrix
  • StraightTriax 30 Carbon Laminate
  • SinterSpeed Base s
  • Impact Plates
  • Impact Edges
  • LDC Technology
  • Rome Graft Snowboard

    June 23, 2008

    By: Scott Briggs

    Boston- The 2008 Rome Graft Snowboard is a FreeStyle board that is in its second year of production at Rome. This years Graft was re-engineered to be a true twin tip board to give riders more comfort while switch riding on this board. The Graft is a FreeStyle board that can really handle all mountain conditions whether is carving down the hill or hitting the park it transitions well between conditions.

    Rome Graft Snowboard

    The Rome Graft features a Pop Core Matrix which is going to give the snowboard a consistent yet dynamic flex throughout the snowboard. The laminate on this board is the Rome StraightBiax Carbon, this laminate provides solid torsional flex needed for jibbing and some nice pop for the ollies. Rome has also added their exclusive Impact Plates™ technology to the board to provide anti-compression protection on landings. The Graft is then capped off with SinterTrue base, which is known as the baseline for wax absorbing speed.

    Features of The Rome Graft 155cm Snowboard:

    • True Twin Tip
    • Pop Core Matrix
    • StraightBiax Carbon Laminate
    • SinterTrue Base
    • Impact Plates™
    • Park Edge Profiling

    Rome Agent Snowboard

    May 16, 2008

    The Rome Agent is a FreeStyle board that is very close to a Twin shape. The 2008 Agent was created with New Technology and a New Shape to make this a fund board to use on the whole mountain. Rome refers to this as a board that treats the whole mountain like it is the snowboard Park.
    Rome Agent Snowboard
    The Agent was constructed with the Superpop Core Matrix and the Straight Triax 230 Carbon laminate to give you a board that is superlight, smooth and has a ton of pop. The SinterSpeed Base is know as one of the fastest wax absorbing bases that really cranks. With this base you will not have a problem getting enough speed to clear the big gap jump.

    To make this a great park board Rome has used their technology of Impact Plates, Impact Edges, and Park Edge Profiling making the jumps of rails and boxes easier. With this technology you takeoffs and ladings will be smoother, while you do nit have to worry about beating up the base and edges of your board.

    Features of The Rome Agent Snowboard:

    • Shape: Almost Twin
    • Superpop Core Matrix
    • StraightTriax 30 Carbon Laminate
    • SinterSpeed Base
    • Impact Edges
    • Park Edge Profiling

    Rome Artifact

    May 5, 2008

    The Rome Artifact is a FreeStyle snowboard that can be used on the whole mountain, but it is known for its excellence in the park and jibbing. The boards design was led by Rome Team rider Casey Neefus. Casey is know to be one of those riders that loves to have fun, so you can see why people say this is one of the most fun boards to ride.

    Rome Artifact Snowboard
    Riders love this board for jibbing as the it has a soft flex in the tip and tail to make those nose presses off the rails and boxes super easy. When jib ridding you want a board that has a nice flex, but also has some stability between the feet for balance. Rome has done a great job to give rides as solid feel between you feet and some nice flex to make this a fun board for the park.

    Even though this is an all-mountain board you are best to keep this in the park and for jibbing.  The board is loved for jibbing as it is supper soft and light and a soft board does not always fear well on the rest of the mountain.

    Features of The Rome Artifact Snowboard:

    • Shape – Twin Tip
    • Pop Core Matrix – Consistent, dynamic flex
    • StraightBiax Laminate – A soft torsional flex for control on rails and jumps
    • Impact Base – Speed with added resistance to rail abuse
    • Bronze Edges – Smoother, catch-free rail performance
    • Jib Edge Profiling – Maximum bevel for no hang-ups on rails

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