2013 Burton Snowboards

October 3, 2012

By Scott Briggs

The 2013 Burton Snowboards came out in mid august and I can sense people are ready for summer to end so that can hit the hill. The new line of Burton Snowboards for 2013 includes 38 mens boards, 12 women’s snowboard and 9 for the kids. As always each new year is big for Burton and its new tech that is going to make people want to buy a new board.

Burton has been into break down their 2013 Burton snowboards into 3 categories: Camber, Springloaded and Rocker.

Camber: These 2013 burton snowboards are all about speed and control, so if you want that board where you can crank down the mountain and have total control of you board you will love these boards. Our favorite board from the 2013 look is the Family Tree Cheetah Snowboard, the look of this board alone should make people love it. But you will never ever go wrong with the Burton 2013 Custom X.

Springloaded: The all mountain snowboard, it blends a bit of Rocker and Camber, so this board can go fast, have a tight edge but also has that easy turn feel. If you have ever riden a Burton Custom before you are going to love the 2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard, in my mind this is the ultimate all mountain all terrain snowboard.

Rocker: Want that agile floating snowboard that helps to reduce the amount of edges you will catch…. and helps to make that first turn that much easier, you want a rocker. The 2013 Burton Snowboard line has made the rocker boards even better. If I was learning to ride today I would buy a rocker board hand down. These snowboards are going to push you harder and harder to make you want to be a better rider, while not killing your wallet. But these boards are not only for the newbies, they great for jibbing and hitting the park.

Our favorite tech added to Burton Snowboard 2013 line is the Squeezebox. The squeezebox tech is all about improving performance by enhancing a more powerful core to provide you a stable and maneuverable snowboard.

Overall… if you are a Burton Snowboard fan, you are going to love the 2013 Burton Snowboards.

Check out the last Burton Snowboards at the following retailers:

Burton Custom X 2012

November 12, 2011

By Scott Briggs

The Burton Custom X is one of Burton Snowboards most popular boards and in my opinion one of the best snowboards for those all mountain freestyle riders like myself.    The Burton Custom X 2012 like year past is all about the fast response time and the amazing edge control, so for the riders of the North East who always have to deal with the ice…. this is a board you will love.

What’s new with the Burton Custom X 2012?   The big addition to the 2012 Custom X is the Squeeze Box Core, which will give you more snap through your turns and also give you more over stability and control of your deck with a little less effort.

What other tech makes 2012 Burton Custom X special?  The Burton Custom X 2012 brings back everything from the 2011 board, but some of our favorites are the Frostbite Edges, Infinite Ride, Dragonfly Core and The Channel.

Frostbite Edges  – make you feel even more in control on the ice.

Infinite Ride – helps you maintain the flex, pop and feel.

Dragonfly Core – Light, Responsive and Strong

The Channel – Ride the setup you want anytime any ride… easy to change for all conditions.

What sizes are available for the Burton Custom X 2012 : 152, 156, 158, 160, 164, 159W, 162W, 164W


Features of the Burton Custom X 2012 Snowboard:

  • Tram Package
  • The Channel
  • Camber
  • SHAPE: Directional
  • FLEX: Twin
  • CORE: Dragonfly™ with Multizone EGD™
  • FIBERGLASS: Vaporskin™ with Triax™ Fiberglass, Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage and Carbon I-Beam™
  • BASE: Sintered WFO
  • SIDEWALLS: Slantwall
  • EXTRAS: NEW Squeezebox, Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™ and Infinite Ride™
  • Graphic Info: Let the X speak for itself. This board sees a lot of time in front of the lens, so we kept the graphic bold.
  • Length (cm): 156
  • Effective Edge (cm): 121.25
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm): 29.1
  • Waist Width (cm): 24.8
  • Sidecut (m): 7.97

 Buy a 2012 Burton Custom X from these top retails:

The-House from $649.95

Proboardshop from $649.95

Evo from $649.95

2012 Burton Snowboards

September 30, 2011

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2012 Burton Snowboard line has been out for a little over a month and like any big brand they came out with a bang.  They launched an event around a winter storm during the summer…. there was a lot of hype “Winter Storm is Coming” in August campaign.   The follow this up with the Big Dump, where they gave away a full Burton setup from Board to Jacket and then a season pass to a mountain of your choice.   So Burton was not holding back with their 2012 line, they where going out with the mantra of “Go Big or Go Home”.   Like most other snowboarders I was chilling finish out the summer, and then good old Burton was actually able to get me to step away from the sun and start thinking winter on my 201o Burton Custom….  or could the per-sway me to go out and get a new snowboard for the 2012 season.

The 2012 Burton snowboards are as hot as even and include a new board that is getting a lot of attention by the name of the Nug.   The 2012 Burton Nug snowboard is a smaller style board that is supposed to ride like the big boys and ok for the big boys to ride.   The idea for this board is that it is smaller than 150 cm and can handle a 200 lb person, rides like a skateboard.

The rest of the 2012 Burton snowboard line bring back all your favorite from 2011 with some new twists and turns.  One of the cooler things you will see with the 2012 line is that now you can look at the boards based on their core:  Chamber (Precise & Snappy), Springload (Hybrid – Chamber/Rocker) and then Rocker (Loose and Agile).

Overall if you like Burton you are going to want to test out some of the 2012 Burton Snowboards.

The Hottest 2012 Burton Snowboards per Burton:

Burton Sherlock

Burton Custom X

Burton Custom Flying V

Burton Blunt

Burton Process Flying V

Burton The White College Pro

Burton Hero

Burton Restricted Nug Directional

Burton Custom

Burton Clash

Burton Process

Burton Bullet

Burton Joystick

Burton Whammy Bar

Burton Fish



Burton Custom X 2011

November 20, 2010

By Scott Briggs:

Boston – The 2011 Burton Custom snowboard is board that will never die and hopefully Burton is smart enough to keep bringing it back.   The one thing you will learn about Burton and the Burton Custom X is that not only do they bring it back, but they are always pushing to make this board even better.

What’s new with the 2011 Burton Custom X?

The 2011 Burton Custom X is all about feel and control; the two major features that make this reality are the Chamber and the New Burton Technology of the Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage.

The Chamber of the board is that part of the snowboard that is between the tip and tail, think about it like the suspension of a car.  The chamber on the Custom X works to evenly distribute the weight throughout the board so that you will have ultimate control to be able to truly tear up the mountain.

The New Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage is the addition to the Custom X for 2011 that any rider is going to love.  The old Lightning Bolts where all about transferring energy from the core of the board to the edge so that almost as soon as your brain is thinking turn it happens.  The New Hi-Voltage take this to a whole new level, basically they have added strands above and below the core that pushed the energy out to the edges to give you dual action, increasing the response and control of the board.

The final take of the 2011 Burton Custom X:
This is the ultimate riders board, once you get on it you are going to love it.  The true wood core of this board along with its Chambers is going to give you that type of snap and control to take it to the next level.

Check out the Burton Custom X 2011 at:

The-House from $649.95

ProboardShop from $649.95

Burton Custom V Rocker 2010

January 9, 2010

By Scott Briggs

The 2010 Burton Custom V-Rocker is a new Burton board for the 2010 season and some are already saying it is one of their best new additions in a while.  This board takes all the top elements that already existed in a Burton Custom and adds the Burton Rocker technology.

The Burton Custom V-Rocker comes with some of Burton’s top following technology like the V-Rocker, The Channel, and Dualzone EDG.

The V-Rocker is basically places a rocker between your feet, with two additional rockers at the tip and tail that to keep each end completely off the snow.  For those who have never experience the rocker shape before, this style makes those on ground tricks like spinning and jumping super easy.  The Channel I have talked about before and some riders love it… for me I don’t change my binding settings that often so I am not the hugest fan of “The Channel”.  And lastly the Dualzone EDG is one of my favorites, it takes the wood grain and positions it along the toe and heel edges, perpendicular to the rest of the wood core, for superior edge hold and added strength.  For anyone who has been cranking down the mountain and had that edge give on them and took a hard face plant you will appreciate why I think the is one of my favorite features.

Overall I am a fan of this snowboard.. I have always been a big fan of the Custom and this one with the V-Rocker makes it that much better.  If you are looking for a stiff or longer snowboard you are not going to like this board.  The Custom V-Rocker rides soft and only comes in 151,154, and 156.

Buy this Board:

Proboardshop from $599.95

The-House from $599.95

Burton Vapor – 2010

October 28, 2009

By Matt P.

The 2010 Burton Vapor continues to be the best of the best. Kevin Pearce’s board of choice does not disappoint in 2010. The Vapor continues to be a board that brings the best out of its riders, without the effort. This board continues to set a new standard of competition.

2010 Burton Vapor

There isn’t much argument; this board is light and technologically refined. The Vapor includes Burton’s exclusive Vaportech™ construction with the lightest and strongest space-age materials. The resulting ultra-light weight will give you effortless handling, unlimited power and response that beats your brain to the punch. Take your ride to new heights.

Key Features of The Burton Vapor Snowboard:

  • The Channel
  • Vaportech
  • Multizone EGD
  • Negative Core Profile
  • Vaportech Alumafly Core
  • Carbon Vaporskin Lite
  • Sintered N2O WFO Vision Base
  • Directional Shape
  • Pro Tip

Buy this board

From $699.95 at ProBoardShop

From $699.95 at The-House

Burton T6 2010

October 25, 2009

By Scott Briggs

The 2010 Burton T6 snowboard is a board that is designed for an advanced rider who really wants to take it to another level.  This is a snowboard that is all about speed and control, so no matter the condition this board can really rip it up.

The Burton T6 snowboard has three of Burtons top tech features that it adds to it boards; Smooth Ride Technology, The Channel, and Alumafly Core:

  • The Smooth Ride is dampening technology that is exclusive to the T6, it is all about letting the rider react quicker, go bigger, and faster while reducing the impact on your body.
  • The Channel, basically gives a rider the most direct connection with their board by focusing power through a central connection spine that evenly distributes energy for added rebound and snap.  As a rider one of the best parts of “The Channel” is that it lets you mount bindings to board any way you see fit – adjustability is endless.
  • The Alumafly Core is Burtons first “tip-to-tail aluminum honeycomb core is 90% air by volume and represents the perfect union of ultra high-grade honeycomb technology and EGD”.   This core is going to give you a ton of pop and explosive response.

Overall the 2010 Burton T6 is made for the advanced rider that wants to go big in all ways.  For those that decide this their board of choice for 2010, the advanced technology of this snowboard is going to make you a happy rider.

Check out this board:

Proboardshop from$849.95

The-House from $849.95

Burton Blunt 2010

September 19, 2009

By Scott Briggs

The 2010 Burton Blunt is back for another year and bigger than ever.  Burton seems to love this snowboard and is putting more and more tech into it each year.   The Burton Blunt is one of the ultimate Park Boards that will help take you to the next level.  Transworld Snowboard has already named the Burton Blunt the “Good Wood” Pipe board for 2010.

The 2010 Burton Blunt has top notch enhancements, the New Twin Cruise Control and the V-Rocker.    The Burton Cruise Control™ technology will  make you feel more confident while riding this snowboard.  The reason you will feel confident is Cruise Control gives you a combination of not only being catch-free, but also have a softer flex and less edge tune and a  convex nose and tail for easy riding in both directions.  The second layer of new tech is the V-Rocker, Burton’s version of the rocker features a center rocker between you feet with additional rockers on the outside of each that lift the tip and tail completely off the snowboard.  The V-Rocker is going to give you killer edge control and a catch-free riding experience.

Overall the 2010 Burton Blunt is going big with some major enhancements to give you the ultimate ride.  Even though this is called a Park snowboard, this is a board you can have a ton of fun with on the whole mountain.

Buy this Snowboard:

Proboardshop from $369.95

The-House from $369.95

Burton X8 ICS 2010

September 12, 2009

by Matt P.

The 2010 Burton X8 ICS continues this line’s tradition of high performance. The 2010 version is lighter and faster than ever before and will allow the serious boarder to perfect their skills. Get a sense of feel and control on this board like you’ve never had before.

The X8 combines with the new EST binding for superior control. You’ll also get a full suite of features including the Infinite Channel system, which allows unlimited stance adjustability with any Burton binding. The Burton X8 ICS also includes the added pop of V-Rocker, Park Fly III™ Core with Multizone EGD™ and Negative Core Profile, and Grip and Rip Tune. This year’s X8 does not disappoint.

Key Features of The Burton X8 ICS Snowboard:

  • The Channel
  • NEW V-Rocker
  • CORE: Park Fly III™ Core with Multizone EGD™ and Negative Core Profile
  • FIBERGLASS: Triax™ Response

Buy this board

From $379.95 at ProBoardShop

From $379.95 at The-House

2010 Burton Fix

September 10, 2009

The 2010 Burton Fix is primarily a ‘Park’ board, incorporating Burton latest rocker design. The P-Rocker concentrates control at your feet, and lifts the tip and tail for maximum park flexibility. Like a skateboard, the P-Rocker features Zero Camber between your feet with rockers outside each edge, keeping the board loose and soft.

A great board for intermediate riders, the Burton Fix is extremely forgiving, and is easy to maneuver. Scoop tips and Rail Ready edges keep edge catches to a minimum. As a bonus, this board has some great graphics – hacksaw, scissors, cleaver or chainsaw – take your pick!

Additional features of the Burton Fix include the following:

  • Twin Shape and Flex
  • Sintered Base
  • Park Fly II Base
  • Dualzone Core
  • Dual Density Triax Response Fiberglass

Where to Buy:


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