Ride DH2 2010

September 6, 2009

by Matt P.

The 2010 Ride DH2 is a serious board for serious riders. If you’re addicted to the rush of boarding, the DH2 is worth a look.

In keeping with most of Ride’s boards, the DH2 is feature-rich. The LowRize rocker profile with specific sidecut will give you tons of pop. You’ll also get Carbon Array 5, Pop Stixs and 85A Slimewalls.

Key Features of the Ride DH2 Snowboard:

  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls®
  • Membrain®
  • NEW! LowRize Rocker
  • Carbon Array 5™
  • Pop Stixs™
  • Cleave Edge™
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Fusion 4000 Base™

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From $349.95 at ProBoardShop

From $349.95 at The-House


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