K2 Eldorado

June 5, 2008

The K2 Eldoado is referred to as the “snowboard superhero”, and is one of K2 finest performance boards. This snowboard is truly an all terrain board FreeStyle board that transitions well between conditions and performs really well in the powder.
K2 Eldorado Snowboard
When K2 designed the board that used some of their top technology, the Integrated S-Class construction helps keep you legs stronger throughout the day by reducing the amount of vibrations from the board so that you body reacts better to the board feeling. This snowboard also features the the lightest weight core that K2 manufactures, the new Multi Superlight Core you are going to find does not give up any performance considering how light it is.

On the performance side the Dual Progressive side cut is made for all types of riding and helps to maintain control in all conditions. The biax top is going to make the edge grabs that much tighter when you are carving down the mountain. The board is them capped off with the fasted natural base material on the market the Sintered 4000.

Features of The K2 Eldorado Snowboard:

  • Integrated S Class
  • Hybritech
  • Dual Progressive
  • Multi Superlight Core
  • Biax Top, Triax Base
  • Torsion Forks: Carbon
  • Laminate Matrix
  • Sintered 4000 Base


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  1. John Ashford on January 20th, 2012 7:53 pm

    K2 eldorado was the first board I ever bought. Awesome board, still use it every year. Base still in mint condition (almost). with all the rave reviews, can’t work out why O2 doesn’t re-release it.

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