Ride Agenda 2010

September 1, 2009

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The Ride Agenda 2010 Snowboard as you may have read from me before is a luxury ride at a bargain price.  This Ride is from their FreeStyle snowboard collection, set up with a twin tip shape and a centered stance.  Some will say that this is a simple board…. but don’t let the term fool you this board is not simple when it comes to taking on the mountain.

The 2010 Ride Agenda has the responsive ABS alloy sidewalls to provide a consistent feel no matter the terrain and the Foundation tip to tail wood core which also gives the board a feel of durability.  The agenda also brought back the Fusion 1500 base, which is easy to repair and will easily absorb the wax.

Buy this board:

Proboardshop from $309.95

The-House from $309.95

Ride DH 2009

January 4, 2009

By: Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2009 Ride DH is back for another, this is a Twin tip FreeStyle board made for the park and jib riders.  The 2009 DH comes with Pop Stixs™ technology ti give you the perfect balanced flex while adding more ollie pop.

The 2009 Ride DH Snowboard

The 2009 Ride DH Snowboard

The DH is from Ride’s Mobility collection, Ride says this will “launch riders to the next level of mobility”.  Therefore as a rider what are you going to like about this board:

  1. Thin Con Construction reduces the swing weight making those spin tricks that much smoother.
  2. 85A Slimewalls are going to absorb the impact when you land off a big hit.  There you are going to worry less about the landing and more about the action in the air.
  3. Pop Stixs as mention above this is going to really give you the pop and flex you need to take the trick to the next level.

4. Fusion 4000 Base, you may says a base is a base, but this one is the best Ride has to offer.  Now you are getting this board as you are serious about the park and jibbing so you want a hard base that is not going to be a mess after the first day.

Overall the Park and Jib riders are going to love this deck.

Features of The Ride DH Snowboard:

  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls®
  • Carbon Array 3™
  • New! Pop Stixs™
  • Cleave Edge™
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Aramid Laminates
  • Fusion 4000 Base™
  • 2×4 Inserts
  • Radial Sidecut

Check out the 2009 Ride DH at:

ProboardShop from $449.95

the-House from $449.95

Evogrear.com from $449.95

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Ride Kink 2009

November 8, 2008

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2009 Ride Kink snowboard is considered one of the ultimate jibbing snowboards and referred to as the “Park Killer”. This Ride snowboard comes from their Mobility collection designed to be all about freestyle right out of the box. This snowboard is one of the most durable boards on the market, you will not have to worry about the rails beating this board.

2009 Ride Kink Snowboard

2009 Ride Kink Snowboard

The Ride Kirk is a twin tip snowboard that has been designed by a combination of team riders and engineers to create one of the top park snowboards on the market. This board features Ride’s Cleaver Edge technology along with the 85A Slimewalls giving you a reliable and durable snowboard. The Cleaver Edge technology helps with the durabilty by using 50 percent more steel in the edges to allow the Kink to give the beaten rather than taken one. Then the 85A Slimewalls provide a forgiving and smooth ride by absorbing impact rather than defending against it, letting your board have a more natural reaction to the snow, rails, or wood boxes.

Ride then compiles some of their other top technology in this board including Thincon construction to reduce swing weight, Biaxial Glass to make it fun and forgiving, and then the Fusion 1500 base to make it fast and easy to repair.

Overall all park riders are going to love this board at this cheap prices. But if you are not a park rider and want a top Ride board at a great price check out the 2009 Ride Agenda.

Features of The Ride Kink 155 Snowboard:

  • Twin Tip
  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls
  • Foundation Tuned Core
  • Cleave Laminates
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Carbon Laminates
  • Fusion 1500 Base
  • 2 x 4 Inserts

Ride Kink 2009 for $339.95

Ride Agenda 2009

September 2, 2008

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The Ride Agenda 2009 snowboard is considered by many a luxury ride at a great price. This Ride snowboard comes from their Foundation collection which is considered Ride’s base line collection of snowboards. But don’t let the word Foundation fool you, this board is a high performance FreeStyle snowboard.

2009 Ride Agenda Snowboard

The 2009 Agenda features the Thin Construction which provides a tapered tip and tail to help reduce swing weight. The board also featured a Radical Sidecut giving you a smooth and predictable ride. The board is capped off with the Fusion 1500 base, this base is fast, easy to repair and absorbs wax nicely.

Overall this snowboard is a perfect example to show you that a high price does not mean it is a better board.

Features of The 2009 Ride Agenda Snowboard:

  • Twin Tip
  • Radical Sidecut
  • Thin Con
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Foundation Tuned Core
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Fusion 1500 Base

Ride Agenda 2009 for $299.95

Ride Antic Snowboard

July 17, 2008

By: Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2008 Ride Antic Snowboard is a snowboard designed to ride the whole mountain under all conditions. The Antic is a FreeStyle board with a Twinish shape, the difference from a straight twin is that this board also allows you to have a stance that it is a little set back not a 100 percent centered stance.

Ride 2008 Antic Snowboard

The 2008 Antic features Ride’s standard Thin Con construction which is designed to reduce swing weight in all their boards. This snowboard also feature the 90a Slimewalls, which do a solid job of absorbing impact and interacting well with all conditions that the hit the surface. The Slimewalls coupled with the Carbon Array Laminate give you a board that is truely designed to rode in control no matter where you are on the mountain. You will notice that this board is super responsive and is not going to let you down when you are pressing hard down the mountain.

The 2008 Antic is then capped off with a Fusion 4000 base which Ride refers to as “The fastest, hardest and most durable base material known”. Overall this is a great all mountain board that you for a ride.

Features of The Ride Antic Snowboard:

  • Shape – Twinish
  • Sidecut – Quadratic
  • Stance – 3/4″ Setback
  • Thin Con
  • 90A Slimewalls
  • Carbon Array 3
  • Foundation Tuned Core
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Carbon Array Laminates
  • Fusion 4000 Base
  • 2 x 4 Inserts
  • Ride DH Snowboard

    June 17, 2008

    By: Scott Briggs

    Boston – The 2008 Ride DH Snowboard is a FreeStyle twin tip board that comes with the award winning performance and technology from Ride designers. This snowboard is loved by park and jib riders as the board has a even amount of flex and a ton of pop to bring your tricks to the next level.

    The Ride DH is designed with the Thin Con construction and the new 85a Slimewalls; the 85a Slimewalls are designed to make the board forgiving while absorbing the impact instead of defending against it. The DH also feature the Ride Response core providing more snap and the Cleave Edge for a solid edge grab when carving. To increase the response, speed, and snap of this snowboard Ride uses the technology of a Hybrid Glass and the Carbon & Aramid laminate.

    Overall this is a great FreeStyle snowboard where Ride has once again taken technology of a FreeStyle board ot the next level. The park and jib rides will fall in love with this board

    Features of The Ride DH 153cm Snowboard:

  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls
  • Cleave Edge
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Carbon & Aramid Laminates
  • Fusion 4000 Base
  • Ride Decade

    June 9, 2008

    The 2008 Ride Decade snowboard is a true all-mountain board that Ride refers to as “ Solid, Smooth & Versatile”. This is the type of board that transition well between conditions and terrain and you will never notice a difference in control.
    Ride Decade Snowboard
    The Ride Decade for 2008 features 4 new features; Thin Con Construction, 90A Slimewalls and Silencer 3 Tuned Core and 2X4 Inserts. The Thin Con construction is Ride’s standard construction where the board is tapered at the tips and tail to reduce swing weight while giving you the ultimate edge control. The 90 A Slimewalls are similar to the 85A sidewalls, but they have a better response. the construction of these sidewalls is made to make the board very forgiving by absorbing the impact better. The Silencer 3 core is new technology by ride that basically reduces edge vibration for even more control.

    Overall the Ride Decade is an awesome all-mountain board for those riders that love to do it all. If the board has one downside, it may be that it is not a top performer in the park.

    Feature of the Ride Decade Snowboard:

    • Thin Con
    • 90A SlimewallsTM
    • Carbon Array 3
    • Hybrid Glass — Triaxial on base & Biaxial on top
    • Fusion 4000 Sintered Base
    • 2×4 Inserts

    Ride Control

    May 26, 2008

    The Ride Control Snowboard is designed as an all-mountain cruiser. This board is great for the rider who wake up hits the mountain and loves to ride it all. The 2007-2008 Ride Control is a solid ride that is easy to control and is pretty snappy.
    Ride Control Snowboard
    The Control is created with a Foundation Tuned Core, which is a tip to tail wood core providing the rider durability and a solid balanced flex throughout the snowboard. The board also has Biaxial Glass and Linear Carbon laminates to give you a lightweight forgiving snowboard that is snappy. The Control is capped off with a Fusion 1500 Extruded Base to make the board fast, easy to repair and fast on absorbing the wax. Once you wax this base you will notice that this snowboard is ready to rip the mountain.

    The Ride Control Snowboard is a great ride that most all-mountain riders are going to love. Once thing you will notice about this board is that it is a little heavier and stiffer than your average board in this category.

    Features of the Ride Control Snowboard:
    Thin Con
    ABS Sidewalls
    Foundation Tuned Core
    Biaxial Glass
    Linear Carbon Laminates
    Fusion 1500 Extruded Base

    Ride Control on Sale for $279.95

    Ride Concept TMS

    May 13, 2008

    The Ride Concept TMS Snowboard is a FreeStyle snowboard, designed for riders who like to ride everything.  The boards demonstrates control at all speeds on  top of being smooth and fast.

    Ride Concept TMS Snowboard
    This twin tip FreeStyle snowboard is great for carving up the mountain and transitions nicely between mountain conditions.  You will still have the same control under your feet whether it is hard packed or powder.

    This snowboard uses Ride’s Thin Con sidewall construction is to give you edges that extra hold when turning, again giving you more control on this board.  The New 90A Slimewalls™ and Carbon Array 5 technology make this snowboard forgiving, durable, and responsive.  Overall this is a smooth riding fast snowboard that holds a solid edge when carving, has nice snap on the jumps and is responsive on landings.

    This snowboard was designed for all-mountain rider who like to ride everything from powder to park.  The Rode Concept TMS comes in the following sizes: 153, 156, 159, 161, 164, 168.

    Features of the Ride Concept TMS Snowboard:

    • Thin Con
    • New! 90A Slimewalls™
    • Carbon Array 5
    • New! Silencer 5 Tuned Core™
    • REAL Hybrid Glass
    • Linear Carbon Laminates
    • Fusion 4000 Sintered Base

    Ride Agenda

    May 1, 2008

    The Ride Agenda is a FreeStyle snowboard with a twin tip design. This is the type of board you can ride all over the mountain from cruising and craving to tricks in the park. Ride refers to this board as the deal of the century where you get “big-baller performance” at next to nothing price of $299. The one downside to this snowboard like other FreeStyle boards is that it does not perform well in powder.

    Ride Agenda Snowboard

    The 2007/2008 Agenda is light and responsive with great flex. The twin tip shape and aggressive sidecut give you a ride that is smooth and versatile. The smooth performance comes from a combination of the Thin Con construction, ABS Sidewall, and Foundation Tuned wood core.

    Thin Con – Tapered tip and tail to reduce wing weight.

    ABS Sidewall – Responsive edge for durability and control.

    Foundation Tuned wood core – Provides durability and retains flex.

    Overall this is an awesome board for any level rider at this price. You can crank around the whole mountain and have a lot of fun carving, pulling off tricks, hitting the rails, and jumps.

    Key Features of the Ride Agenda Snowboard:

    • Thin Con
    • ABS Sidewall — Responsive ABS Alloy
    • Foundation Tuned CoreTM — Tip to tail wood core, Durable, Retains camber and flex
    • Biaxial Glass — 90 degree and 0 degree angles, Lightweight, Fun and Forgiving
    • New! Fusion 1500 Extruded Base — Easy to repair, wax absorbing, industry standard

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