Burton Custom X 2010

September 7, 2009

Geared for intermediate to advanced riders, Burton’s new Custom X 2010 snowboard is a lightweight, snappy wood core board that can hold it’s own with any board on the Market.  Burton Custom X continues to impress riders, with overall great performance.

One of the Burton Custom X’s key feature is Burton’s patten ‘Channel’ technology.  Incorporated directly into the surface of the board, the Channel is increases ‘foot to edge’ connection, allowing quick, responsive movement.  It’s important to note however, that the Channel is designed to work with Burton’s 3D and EST bindings.  Not sure what the board graphics are all about, but giving the great reviews the Burton Custom X continues to receive, we’ll let the graphics slide.

Features of the 2010 Burton Custom X are noted below:

  • Dragonfly™ Core with Multizone EGD™ and Positive Profile
  • Carbon Vaporskin™ with Triax™ Response Fiberglass, NEW Lightning Bolts, and Carbon I-Beam™
  • Sintered N2O WFO Vision Base
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Distribution Edges with Grip and Rip™ Tune
  • Slantwall Sidewalls

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