Ride Kink 2012

January 27, 2012

By Scott Briggs

The 2012 Ride Kink is the brand  version of a park monster… this snowboard is made for the park rate that want to go big and hard all day long.   What makes the Ride Kink 2012 a really good park board is stability the boards gives you on the landings a long with the pop needed to go big off all jumps.

Top Tech Features of 2012 Ride Kink:

Prorize – This is the shape of the snowboard and is based off the popular twin tip.   The shape of the board includes the rocker, but unlike other rocker designs it has a long flat section that extends into the tip and tail to drive even more stability.

85A Slimewalls –  The slimewalls are all about being forgiving, this technology helps reduce the  impact from a jump, rail or box.  The analogy Ride provides is this is similar to skate wheels in how they interact with all different surface conditions.

Overal take on the Ride Kink 2012:  This is a board that comes back year over year as on of the top Ride Snowboards.  This board is 100% geared to park riders, so if you are an all mountain rider you are probably better to try another deck.

Check out the Ride Kink 2012 at the following reatailers:

Proboardshop from $359.95

The-House from 359.95

Dogfunk from $359.95



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