Ride Crush 2010

September 5, 2009

by Matt P.

The 2010 Ride Crush is loaded with goodies. Considering the generous offering of features and the easy ride the Crush offers, this board is an outstanding value that will keep your runs fresh for years to come.

The Crush features Ride’s new LowRize Rocker. Combine the Rocker with 85A Slimewalls and  you’ll be working the mountain with ease. This lightweight board also features Membrain and Cleave Edge.

Key Features of the Ride Crush Snowboard:

  • Thin Con
  • 85A Slimewalls®
  • Membrain®
  • NEW! LowRize Rocker
  • Foundation Tuned Core™
  • Cleave Edge™
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Fusion 1500 Base™

Buy this board:

From $299.95 at ProBoardShop

From $299.95 at The-House


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