K2 Brigade – 2010

November 2, 2009

K2 has developed a reputation for developing consistent, quality snowboards year in and year out. The 2010 K2 Brigade continues that tradition.

The Brigade features K2’s catch free technology, which reduces those nasty edge catches by adding some rocker in the tip and tail, and reducing the camber. The catch free ride makes the Brigade a great board for a wide range of skill levels.

The Brigade also comes equipped with a W1 pure wood core and Hybritech construction which allows for consistent turns. Best of all, K2 has kept the price point on this board fairly low considering its on-mountain performance.

Additional features of the K2 Brigade include the follow:

  1. Set Back Twin Dual Progressive Shape
  2. 1″ Back Stance
  3. Biax Top and Base Glass
  4. Extruded 2000 Base
  5. Base Bevel: 3 Degree

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