Forum Lander

June 24, 2008

Boston – The Forum Lander Snowboard is a all-mountain FreeStyle snowboard that was first released in 2007. For 2008 Forum has made this board even better than it original model so that this board can really do it all. With the Lander you can cruise through deep powder to then carve through the new grooms and you will notice the same consistency.

2008 Forum Lander Snowboard

The Forum Lander is super light snowboard featuring the Super Gnarâ„¢ LE with Mac 1 core. This core features a combination of vertical strips of hard and light weight wood to give the board not only a lot of strength but also making it light. This snowboard also provides solid torsional flex/response by using light Tri-ax laminates, these laminates will give you the response you want while not adding a ton of weight to the board. The board is then capped off with Forum’s high end Sintered Base to give you strength and speed.

Features of The Forum Lander Snowboard:

  • Super Gnar LE with Mac 1 Core
  • Directional Shape
  • Light Tri-Ax Laminates
  • Sintered Base


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