K2 Eldorado

June 5, 2008

The K2 Eldoado is referred to as the “snowboard superhero”, and is one of K2 finest performance boards. This snowboard is truly an all terrain board FreeStyle board that transitions well between conditions and performs really well in the powder.
K2 Eldorado Snowboard
When K2 designed the board that used some of their top technology, the Integrated S-Class construction helps keep you legs stronger throughout the day by reducing the amount of vibrations from the board so that you body reacts better to the board feeling. This snowboard also features the the lightest weight core that K2 manufactures, the new Multi Superlight Core you are going to find does not give up any performance considering how light it is.

On the performance side the Dual Progressive side cut is made for all types of riding and helps to maintain control in all conditions. The biax top is going to make the edge grabs that much tighter when you are carving down the mountain. The board is them capped off with the fasted natural base material on the market the Sintered 4000.

Features of The K2 Eldorado Snowboard:

  • Integrated S Class
  • Hybritech
  • Dual Progressive
  • Multi Superlight Core
  • Biax Top, Triax Base
  • Torsion Forks: Carbon
  • Laminate Matrix
  • Sintered 4000 Base

K2 Anagram

May 22, 2008

The 2007-2008 K2 Anagram Snowboard is a Twin tip FreeStyle snowboard designed for all riders. If you are a new snowboarder learning the basics of turning this board makes it easier, the Hybritech Construction is designed to make initiating turns a lot easier. For the advanced riders looking to pull off new tricks or push this board hard, you are going to find this to be a great snowboard as it is light, fast, poppy and durable.
K2 Anagram Snowboard
The Anagram is designed as a Twin Tip with dual progressive sidecut to make a great learning board as it is forgiving in any condition or speed. When you have a snowboard that is this forgiving you will notice that you become a more consistent rider in all conditions.

This K2 also features a Pure Core that is lightweight while providing a solid flex, pop, and durably. The Biax Top provides a balance stiffness throughout the board while the Extreded 2000 base is fast and easy to maintain.

Overall this is a great board to learn on, but those more advanced rides should not fair away from this board, at this price you are going to love the value you get.

Features of The K2 Anagram Snowboard:

  • Hybritech
  • Twin Tip Dual Progressive
  • Centered Stance
  • Pure Core
  • Biax Top & Base
  • Extruded 2000 Base

K2 Afterblack

May 12, 2008

The K2 Afterblack Snowboard is a wide freestyle snowboard, designed for riders with larger feet who want the control and mobility to do it all. This is a true all-mountain snowboard where the riders with larger feet do not have to worry about there feet dragging or catching on an edge. The construction of this snowboard with the Twin Tip and progressive sidecut give you a board that provides great control under any speed or condition. When cranking this snowboard down the mountain you will feel stable and under full control as the board is extremely responsive when carving.

K2 Afterblack Snowboard
This snowboard was constructed with a Hybritaper Tip Tech, Twin Tip Hyper Progressive, and Multi Core to give you a board that is light, strong, fast and responsive. The Biax Top, Triax Base, Carbon Torsion Forks and Sintered 4000 Base provide additional stiffness, stability and speed to this snowboard so that it will hold a edge and provide solid landings off jumps.

This snowboard was designed to ride or jump it all, while providing you the feel of total control and stability no matter what the condition presents.

Features of the K2 Afterblack Snowboard:

  • Hybritaper Tip Tech
  • Twin Tip Hyper Progressive
  • Centered Stance
  • Multi Core
  • Biax Top
  • Triax Base
  • Carbon Torsion Forks
  • Sintered 4000 Base

K2 Believer

April 29, 2008

The K2 Believer Snowboard was a new line for the 2007/20808 season. This is a FreeStyle board designed by K2 Team riders Bryan Fox, Eero Niemela, Louie Fountain and Shaun Mckay. The idea behind the creation of this board was to use the knowledge and experience of team riders to create one of the best FreeStyle boards on the market. The Believer is known for being light, fast and smooth.

K2 Believer Snwobard

Super Light – The Believer is a super light board that can really fly down the mountain. The lightness of the board comes from the new “Multi Light Core” technology that K2 has designed for the Believer. The “multi light core” includes 2 strips of honeycomb on the lower levels of the core between the bindings and rails, this makes the board lighter and stronger.

Fast – The base of this board really makes it crank down the mountain. The Believer base is made with 4000 Sintered; known to be one of the fastest base materials available that can absorb wax faster and retain in longer.

Smooth – The smoothness of this board comes from the combination of the a great sidecut, torsion forks and a top element that stiffens the board torsionally. These 3 features together allow a rider to feel comfortable changing edges at any speed or condition.

Key Features of the K2 Believer Snowboard:

  • Hybritaper Tip Tech
  • Twin Tip
  • Hyper Progressive
  • Centered Stance
  • Multi Light Core
  • Biax Top, Triax Base
  • Carbon Plus Torsion Forks
  • Sintered 4000 Base
  • 1 Degree Base

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