Burton Fish 2009

October 16, 2008

By: Scott Briggs

The new 2009 Burton Fish is the ultimate FreeRide snowboard. Burton brought back the snowboard for another season with new enhancements to make this one of the easiest and most fun to ride boards on the market. This snowboard makes it feel like you are floating on top of the snow.

Burton Fish 2009

Burton Fish 2009

The Burton Fish features a new Swallow Tail which will help the nose stay afloat and will allow you to maintain your speed through a turn without being bogged down. The board also features the S-Rocker which provides you four mm’s of entry rocker toward the nose transitions under your front binding to three mm’s of camber between your feet. This design technology lets you maintain your love for speed while keeping control of the board with less effort. The third feature we love with this board is the Infinite Channel System for your bindings, this system gives you unlimited stance options with any Burton binding.

Features of the Burton Fish Snowboard :

  • Infinite Channel System
  • Tapered Shape
  • Directional Flex
  • Sintered WFO Vision Base
  • Powder Fly II Core With Dualzone EGD And Negative Profile
  • Triax Response
  • Sidewalls: Round Sidewalls
  • Grip And Rip Tune Edges
  • Extras: New S-Rocker, New Swallow Tail, Elliptical Nose, Pro-Tip, And Infinite Ride
  • Burton Fish 2009 from $549.95


    3 Responses to “Burton Fish 2009”

    1. Laben Ellis on December 28th, 2008 8:16 pm

      I personally have not ridden the 09 fish but recently purchased and tested the new Fish ltd. 156 in 4′ of powder at Homewood (Lake Tahoe), and can say, after being a fish lover since 02 when I first picked one up, that, ” this board is everything the fish claims to be.” With a slightly wider nose than my 01 hd. it is even more egger to turn witch took a little getting used to but this board floats over powder as if it had an extra 10 Centimeters of length, and still handles like fine sports car. I would be apprehensive to recommend this type of board to inexperienced ridders because of the mind blowing acceleration one can achieve from a stand still. That being said I have found that these boards handle well in the slop, on groomers, and even hold a nice edge in the ice. a draw back for some might be the directional nature of this board as it is hard to ride or land fakie but the trade off in powder performance and all around sweetness of the ride is worth investigating. I would also add that,” since I began riding this type of board the other boards in my quiver have been grossly neglected”. In summary somebody who rides the trees, or backcountry, and would like to relieve their back leg and increase overall performance without adding the weight of a long board this is a solid choice. unfortunately it could also be considered a pricey one. At least you know that this board is made by a reliable company and under normal riding conditions it will last you a good long time. on a side note, I am new to EST. binding system however, so I can only say that it is easy to set up or change your stance with est. compatible bindings. However it does come with baseplates if you want to install traditional bindings or something other than Burton. If you do, be aware that this takes away the cool windows that make it easy to determine your foot placement on the board, and set up is more like a traditional binding except with only two screws. The new cartel est. bindings ride nicely, are comfortable, easy to operate, and make a nice paring to the fish ltd.

    2. Dan Weiss on December 15th, 2010 1:21 am

      I have ridden the Fish extensively in deep powder for years. Heli – snowboarding about 21 days in deep powder and kinds of terrain.
      I am always at the front of the group on long or short runs….. right up with the pro guide at CMH.

      Decent board but one big problem is that the rear-most holes are not back far enough. In deep powder this adds tremendoues fatigue to rear leg. Reason : I deally weight should be about 50/50 ( front foot and back) . But because mounts are not back enough , and too far forward …..you must keep too much weight on back leg to keep the body where it needs to be ( nose not diving at slower speeds) .
      ITs Rediculous. !!! Especially for a supposedly ” Powder Board”
      Dan Weiss

    3. chris on April 25th, 2011 12:07 pm

      I ride an 09 Fish with an old set of Burton race plates as a primary board(I have a race board for rock hard days) and I actually learned on a fish (not really the best idea for a total beginner but if you skied before it works fairly well). It is probably the easiest to ride board ive ever tried, It turns on a dime, doesn’t catch an edge, is just plain fun to ride, and makes people wonder how old it is(retro graphics). my only gripe is it doesn’t ride switch very well.

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