Burton Custom X 2011

November 20, 2010

By Scott Briggs:

Boston – The 2011 Burton Custom snowboard is board that will never die and hopefully Burton is smart enough to keep bringing it back.   The one thing you will learn about Burton and the Burton Custom X is that not only do they bring it back, but they are always pushing to make this board even better.

What’s new with the 2011 Burton Custom X?

The 2011 Burton Custom X is all about feel and control; the two major features that make this reality are the Chamber and the New Burton Technology of the Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage.

The Chamber of the board is that part of the snowboard that is between the tip and tail, think about it like the suspension of a car.  The chamber on the Custom X works to evenly distribute the weight throughout the board so that you will have ultimate control to be able to truly tear up the mountain.

The New Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage is the addition to the Custom X for 2011 that any rider is going to love.  The old Lightning Bolts where all about transferring energy from the core of the board to the edge so that almost as soon as your brain is thinking turn it happens.  The New Hi-Voltage take this to a whole new level, basically they have added strands above and below the core that pushed the energy out to the edges to give you dual action, increasing the response and control of the board.

The final take of the 2011 Burton Custom X:
This is the ultimate riders board, once you get on it you are going to love it.  The true wood core of this board along with its Chambers is going to give you that type of snap and control to take it to the next level.

Check out the Burton Custom X 2011 at:

The-House from $649.95

ProboardShop from $649.95


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  1. Jamie on February 18th, 2012 5:30 pm

    Just curious how’s the custom x in powder?

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