Arbor Element

May 4, 2008

The Arbor Element Snowboard is hands down one of the best looking boards on the market. The wood grain top is a 10 in style right out of the box; the top is made of Koa wood the same wood used by the Polynesians to make the original surfboards. For those surfers who like to rip on the snow in the winter you are going to love this board as soon as you see it. Outside of being a great looking board you are going to find this to be a fun board that easily transitions between mountain conditions. One minute you could be cruising down the deep powder to then landing a big air in the park and you will not notice a difference in the control of this board.

Arbor Element Snowboard
The Element is an all-mountain board that can be used on any condition, it has a progressive sidecut for easy turning and high-speed control. They key to control on this board is that is holds a solid edge, removing the fear that at top speed that this edge is not going to hold. Like other boards the core of this board is made with a material that makes it ultra-light weight to provide more speed.

The 2007/2008 Arbor Element’s balanced design combined with the edge control truly give you an all-around board that can ride the whole mountain. With any snowboard you want lightness for speed and then a combination of durability and stability for control. Arbor has done a solid job with the Paulownia Wood Core to create a light and fast board, then P-Tex sidewalls and Progressive sidecut give you the durability and stability for initiating easy turns, great edge control, speed, and smooth landings.

Key Features of the Arbor Element Snowboard:

  • Full-Length Wood Top sheet
  • Paulownia Wood Core.
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Directional Shape
  • Sidewall-Sintered-P-Tex
  • Progressive (Tri-Radial) Sidecuts
  • Structurn Finish
  • Factory Wax
  • Quadrx Fiberglass
  • Durafilm
  • Carbon Fiber Strut


One Response to “Arbor Element”

  1. Clayton Hadden on December 2nd, 2008 3:59 pm

    Riding this board is like entering a cheat code against the mountain. strap in, A, B, A, B, select, start; and you’re off. For starters, the base is wicked fast. You will read reviews that say this thing cooks, but in truth it doesn’t cook; it roasts. In terms of flex, one can ride down the mountain in a back butter a hold it at speeds that are unreal. It welcomes charades, and willlingly takes on the shape of a banana. The edge hold is supurb, in fact I dare you to try to get this sled to loose edge even at fanatical speeds. I double dog dare you. It simply can not be done. Even more suprising, is that with all this, Arbor found a way to eliminate the effort needed to initiate, control, and land the smallest jibbers to the mind-altering overhangs; i other words, just like the distinguished Dr. Pepper, this boards pop comes complete with 23 lucious flavors. To be true, one pitfall is that this brute is a lil bit thin in the waist, so clowns need not apply. No larger than a 11 or 12 (and thats pushing it). This translates that the Element holds no P.h.D. in parks; i.e. boxes, rails, ect.. It will get the job done, just not as elegantly as a true park piece. So If you throw all these ingredients into the fire, mix in a crystal clear natural wood topsheet,(in your choice of Koa or the ellusive banboo) and you have a board; nay, a weapon with which to slay more mountains than the gods themselves.

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