Arbor Element 2009

January 17, 2009

By: Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2009 Arbor Element Snowboard is back for another year and in my opinion is still the best looking board out there.  Every rider will tell you it is all about performance, but no one is going to buy a board that does not have a cool design or color that you like.  For those that have never rode the Element before this is consider one of the ultimate all mountain boards that can truly do it all.  You could be blasting though the trees in and the am and them ripping in the park after lunch and you will not see a difference in performance in this board.

The 2009 Arbor Element

The 2009 Arbor Element

The 2009 Arbor Element is an all-mountain board that has super edge control and amazing turning ability. You are going to notice that when the conditions are a little crusty, icy or hard that this boards edges are not going to fail on you.  At top speeds on this board you will feel comfortable turning and carving and not have that worry of catching an edge or taking to long to make that turn initiation.  The last thing to know about this board is that it is really light and durable.

2009 Arbor Element from $499.95


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