2013 Burton Snowboards

October 3, 2012

By Scott Briggs

The 2013 Burton Snowboards came out in mid august and I can sense people are ready for summer to end so that can hit the hill. The new line of Burton Snowboards for 2013 includes 38 mens boards, 12 women’s snowboard and 9 for the kids. As always each new year is big for Burton and its new tech that is going to make people want to buy a new board.

Burton has been into break down their 2013 Burton snowboards into 3 categories: Camber, Springloaded and Rocker.

Camber: These 2013 burton snowboards are all about speed and control, so if you want that board where you can crank down the mountain and have total control of you board you will love these boards. Our favorite board from the 2013 look is the Family Tree Cheetah Snowboard, the look of this board alone should make people love it. But you will never ever go wrong with the Burton 2013 Custom X.

Springloaded: The all mountain snowboard, it blends a bit of Rocker and Camber, so this board can go fast, have a tight edge but also has that easy turn feel. If you have ever riden a Burton Custom before you are going to love the 2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard, in my mind this is the ultimate all mountain all terrain snowboard.

Rocker: Want that agile floating snowboard that helps to reduce the amount of edges you will catch…. and helps to make that first turn that much easier, you want a rocker. The 2013 Burton Snowboard line has made the rocker boards even better. If I was learning to ride today I would buy a rocker board hand down. These snowboards are going to push you harder and harder to make you want to be a better rider, while not killing your wallet. But these boards are not only for the newbies, they great for jibbing and hitting the park.

Our favorite tech added to Burton Snowboard 2013 line is the Squeezebox. The squeezebox tech is all about improving performance by enhancing a more powerful core to provide you a stable and maneuverable snowboard.

Overall… if you are a Burton Snowboard fan, you are going to love the 2013 Burton Snowboards.

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