2012 Ride Snowboards

November 7, 2011

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2012 Ride Snowboard line has come a long way from when they launched some 10 years ago.  Ride Snowboards is no longer a small boutique snowboard company, but one of the top players in the industry making snowboards for riders who like All Mountain, FreeStyle or Park & Pipe.

Ride SnowboardsThe Ride Snowboards 2012 line includes 2 hot new shapes with the Hybrid Twin Tip and rhe Hybrid All-Mountain.

The Hybrid Twin Tip includes a micro rocker in the tip and tail and then a micro camber between the feet, unlike a traditional rocker this  gives you more of a loose fun riding feel while also providing the control between you feet for landings.

2012 Ride Snowboard that have the Hybrid Twin Tip:

  • Ride DH 2.7
  • Ride DH 2.6
  • Ride Arcade UL
  • Ride DH2
  • Ride OMG

The Hybrid All-Mountain shape is all about having rocking in the nose of the board and then a nice camber from you front foot through the tail.  This type of design is perfect from all riders and conditions as the board will float nice in the powder and it will traverse and hold nicely on pack.

2012 Ride Snowboards with the Hybrid All-Mountain Shape:

  • Ride Berzerker
  • Ride Highlife UL
  • Ride Farah

Ride has done a nice job upping their game in 2012, so make sure you check out their boards.

Check Out Ride’s Board’s Today:

2012 Ride Snowboards at The-House

2012 Ride Snowboard at Proboardshop




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