2012 Burton Snowboards

September 30, 2011

By Scott Briggs

Boston – The 2012 Burton Snowboard line has been out for a little over a month and like any big brand they came out with a bang.  They launched an event around a winter storm during the summer…. there was a lot of hype “Winter Storm is Coming” in August campaign.   The follow this up with the Big Dump, where they gave away a full Burton setup from Board to Jacket and then a season pass to a mountain of your choice.   So Burton was not holding back with their 2012 line, they where going out with the mantra of “Go Big or Go Home”.   Like most other snowboarders I was chilling finish out the summer, and then good old Burton was actually able to get me to step away from the sun and start thinking winter on my 201o Burton Custom….  or could the per-sway me to go out and get a new snowboard for the 2012 season.

The 2012 Burton snowboards are as hot as even and include a new board that is getting a lot of attention by the name of the Nug.   The 2012 Burton Nug snowboard is a smaller style board that is supposed to ride like the big boys and ok for the big boys to ride.   The idea for this board is that it is smaller than 150 cm and can handle a 200 lb person, rides like a skateboard.

The rest of the 2012 Burton snowboard line bring back all your favorite from 2011 with some new twists and turns.  One of the cooler things you will see with the 2012 line is that now you can look at the boards based on their core:  Chamber (Precise & Snappy), Springload (Hybrid – Chamber/Rocker) and then Rocker (Loose and Agile).

Overall if you like Burton you are going to want to test out some of the 2012 Burton Snowboards.

The Hottest 2012 Burton Snowboards per Burton:

Burton Sherlock

Burton Custom X

Burton Custom Flying V

Burton Blunt

Burton Process Flying V

Burton The White College Pro

Burton Hero

Burton Restricted Nug Directional

Burton Custom

Burton Clash

Burton Process

Burton Bullet

Burton Joystick

Burton Whammy Bar

Burton Fish




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